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Tokyo Motor Show 2015

Every year all the major automobile companies arrange a system of place to show their new launches vehicles to the people. In the world there are hundreds of automobile companies which are providing different types of vehicles like motorcycles, cars, concept cars and other types of vehicles. Basically automobile or motor shows organized to give a chance to the people who have interest in the motors and by going in these types of events people can see many of the new launch of cars from the different companies.

From October 30 to November 8 2015 44th Tokyo motor show will be open to the public. Now a talk on this show let's have a look. It is the world's top motor show organized after every two years. To give the total motor vehicle experience to the people it introduces motorcycles, cars, and other commercial vehicles. This show was last time held at Makuhari Messe. Tokyo motor shows have the characteristic to show the latest and new launch vehicles of international and domestic brands. We can also see different types of new launches of the concept cars. Many of the big brand companies like BMW, Audi, Porsche, Mercedes, Bentley and other world class companies launch their automobile for different purposes like they launch vehicles which are latest and best in passenger safety, engineering, and green technology.

We will see the details of different types of latest cars and other vehicles which are going to launch in this event. The show is going to be held at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center which has a nick names called as Tokyo Big Sight. This place is Japanese Convention Center in Tokyo, Japan. Here at this show you will see different types of Japanese and non Japanese cars, and motorcycles. Here you will be able to see many types of concept cars. At this show not only cars but also the buses and trucks will be visible for the people by different brand name Japanese companies.

Motorcycles manufactures like Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, and Kawasaki etc also reveal their latest models which include racing motorcycles, and other concept models. Other types of engineering in automobile industry like automobile parts, tools, latest technology, new music and entertainment systems of automobiles will also be shown in Tokyo Motor Show 2015.

Now come to the point and main soul of this show by having a look on which types of vehicles are going to be launched in this event:

Passenger Vehicles

Here in this event you are free to touch the real feel of all brand cars and passenger vehicles. Leading manufacturers are going to exhibit their latest models.

Take the inside touch these amazing autos. Several companies mainly domestic manufacturers launching their cutting edge technology.

Commercial vehicles

This category includes heavy weight vehicles like buses and trucks and vans. You can go inside in these automobiles and learn about the new technology and features are new and you can take a look at the accessories used.

This experience will also give you an idea about your journey safety and comfort.


Various racing bikes and latest concept models you can see here. Brand name companies are going to launch their models in front of public.

Entertainment, Tools, Parts and Tires

All these will be visible in this event. Advance parts, different entertainment systems will be shown. Advanced navigation systems and other types of tools and parts used for your safety and comfort you will see there.

Tokyo Motor show offers you a chance to take a test drive of these vehicles. You are allowed to take the test drive of different commercial and passenger motors also.