Ferrari F80 a ultra sleek Supercar Concept | Auto Universe

The LaFerrari took the world by tempest with its astonishing building and advanced looks, prompting numerous presumptions and energy on how Ferrari will best this.

Ferrari chose not to let their fans sit tight for long and shared points of interest on their new 2015
Ferrari F80 Concept. The opposition everywhere throughout the world in creating the quickest dons autos have been warming up with late arrivals of new and one of a kind styles matched with elite. For quite a while the Bugatti Veyron commanded the world with regards to top pace and general force.

Be that as it may, with the new and rising models, breaking the Veyron's velocity record is certain to happen. As the 2015 Ferrari F80 is as of now an idea, numerous auto specialists and lovers think about this as an exceptionally alluring vehicle. If at any time Ferrari chooses this model is set to supplant their Ferrari LaFerrari and you can also see the features of Ferrari F40, we calling Adriano for more thoughts is an absolute necessity as the new model is going to fill an extremely fruitful and enormous shoe.

Ferrari F80 Interior

Indeed it's just an idea, however the thought is positively one worth investigating. The vehicle will be fueled by a cross breed drive train that combines a KERS framework with an ignition motor to deliver 1,200 pull. While this sounds really amazing, the way in which it's taken care of strength unsettle more than a couple quills. Also this thing is drop dead lovely.

The Ferrari F80 brags cross breed drive train that comprises of KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) combined with a twin-turbo V8 motor to produce 1,200 torque. It will purportedly weigh
only 1763-pounds, empowering the hyper car to sprint to 62 mph in only a minor 2.2-seconds, garnish out at 310mph. No word yet on valuing, however hope to shell out at least $2.2-million (in case you're a favored Ferrari client) when it's propelled.

It is perfect model of car for those people who need all the things like design, interior, concept and speed. It has all these qualities and can attract anyone towards its design.