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Dodge Charger 1970
In the mid 1960s, automakers were investigating new thoughts in the individual extravagance and claim to fame auto fragments.

Chrysler, quick to enter the claim to fame auto business sector, chose their Dodge Division to enter the commercial center with a greater model to fit between the "horse auto" Ford Mustang and the "individual extravagance" Ford Thunderbird. The aim was to utilize the B-body for a lively auto with fastback look while sharing however much of their current equipment as could reasonably be expected.

The fastback Charger was presented in mid-season of the 1966 model year "in striking back to the AMC Marlin, Ford Mustang, and Plymouth Barracuda", however despite the fact that in view of the current Coronet, "it was style-wise a complete takeoff from the Dodge's standard autos." The 1965 Rambler Marlin, alongside the Dodge Charger that landed amid the 1966 model year, were "the two autos set the standard for radical fastback plan in American moderate size vehicles." According to Richard M. Langworth, "on the grounds that it was a moderate like the Rambler Marlin, the Charger could have been a stylish calamity, however long side windows kept its clearing rooftop from looking too substantial."

While the 1970 Charger is outwardly like the '68 and '69 models, there's an idiot proof approach to let them know separated. The '70 variant has an overwhelming chrome front guard that completely encloses the grille and concealed headlamps that shape a solitary substantial rectangle. The '70 R/T models additionally came standard with a back confronting nonfunctional scoop on the entryway. In such manner, the '70 Charger remains solitary, making it simple to recognize in a horde of excellent Dodge muscle autos.

Inside changes included new high-back basin situates, the entryway boards were additionally amended and the guide pockets were presently discretionary rather than standard. The ignition was moved from the dash to the guiding section (as with every Chrysler item this year), and the glove box was currently pivoted at the base rather than the top as in 1968-69. The SE "Uncommon Edition" trim choice included extravagance highlights and was accessible in as the 500 SE and R/T SE models. The all new single handed grip shifter was presented, alongside a seat situate, a first for the Charger since its introduction.

Another motor choice made the Charger's rundown surprisingly, the 440 Six Pack. With three two-barrel carburetors and a rating of 390 hp (290 kW), it was a standout amongst the most extraordinary setups since the cross-ram Max Wedge motors of the mid 1960s. The Six Pack was already utilized on the mid-year 1969 Dodge Super Bee and Plymouth Road Runner. In spite of this new motor, creation slipped again to 46,576 essentially because of the new E-body Dodge Challenger horse auto, and additionally quickly expanding accident coverage rates. In the 1970 NASCAR season, the 1970 Charger had ten wins, more than whatever other auto, including the 1969 Dodge Charger Daytonas and Plymouth Superbirds, in this way giving Bobby Isaac the Grand National Championship.