The 612 GTO idea is a proposal for the cutting edge 612 Scaglietti

The 612 GTO idea is a proposal for the cutting edge 612 Scaglietti, yet with an elite GTO turn and totally amended style.
For the 612 GTO idea Sasha has utilized impacts from the exemplary Ferrari 250 GTO - which is clear in the triple air admissions formed into the hood. We won't not be right in the event that we say that this idea is the best Ferrari idea auto from planners who have never worked in the outline bureau of Ferrari.

This exceptionally delightful super auto is called Ferrari 612 GTO. The inventor of this idea – Sasha Selipanov from Berlin, Germany. Idea Ferrari 612 GTO by Sasha – truly energizing idea. Maybe Ferrari administration will give careful consideration to this work and will considere it while making their resulting models of super autos.

With Ferrari"s variation of its super autos – be it the Scuderia, Spider, Challenge, XX or whatever the Italians think of, there's dependably a decent risk that somebody other than the Ferrari group concoct an awesome outline attempting to peruse into the psyches of what the ultra Ferrari originators and specialists would think of next. This time around, it was a German creator Sasha Selipanov has taken it upon himself to envision how a 612 Scaglietti GTO may look. A ultra-bad-to-the-bone form of Ferrari's four-seater fantastic tourer, you say? The results are tremendous, and quite reminiscent of the One-77. These renderings look more a cross bread between Aston Martin One-77 and the Ferrari 458 Italia. 

The Ferrari 612 GTO is a dazzling idea auto by a Russian auto planner, right now situated in Germany. The idea joins outline components from the current Ferrari model line-up, for example, the front headlights – with Aston-Martin-like extents and styling signs from the past – the entire backside with its unmistakable shoulders is reminiscent of the sportscars of the 1960′s, for example, 250 GTO.