Lexus CT 200h, 2014

Lexus CT 200h, 2014, Automotives Review, Luxury Car, Auto Insurance, Car Picture Lexus CT 200h, 2014, Automotives Review, Luxury Car, Auto Insurance, Car Picture
 Lexus CT 200h, 2014, Automotives Review, Luxury Car, Auto Insurance, Car Picture Lexus CT 200h, 2014, Automotives Review, Luxury Car, Auto Insurance, Car Picture
 Lexus CT 200h, 2014, Automotives Review, Luxury Car, Auto Insurance, Car Picture
 Lexus CT 200h, 2014

The new Lexus CT 200h compact luxury hatchback offers more sophisticated exterior styling, a more refined interior with upgraded equipment, enhanced driving comfort and a stronger differentiation of the F Sport version.

A key model for Lexus in Europe
The Lexus CT 200h plays a critical role for Lexus. Positioned in the C-premium segment, the largest and most competitive segment of the European market, it represents the entry point to the Lexus brand. Designed to appeal to younger customers, it also attracts 85% of buyers from other brands.

The Lexus CT 200h has a short history, but has quickly established itself as a core model in Lexus' European line-up. Since its launch in January 2011, the CT 200h has sold no less than 42,000 units throughout the continent, representing about 25% of total global sales for this model.

The CT 200h is the best-selling Lexus in several European countries, including France, UK, Italy, Spain, Norway and the Netherlands.
Significant resources have been invested on the development of the new CT 200h. More than 1,400 engineers and staff have been associated with this project, focusing on two main objectives:

Firstly, to reinforce the Progressive Luxury image of the Lexus CT 200h through a bolder design, in line with the new Lexus brand strategy.
Secondly, to enhance the driving experience, both through the improvement of the vehicle's drivability and the traditional Lexus values of comfort, refinement and high technology.

The exterior styling of the new Lexus CT 200h is more dynamic and sophisticated, and is designed to appeal to a younger target market.
The front introduces a further evolution of the Lexus 'spindle grille' design. The centre has been pushed forwards to create a powerful, more three-dimensional form which generates the highly aerodynamic shaping of the bonnet, lower bumper and front fenders.

The new grille features bottom corners spaced 100mm wider than on the current model, and a lowered spindle 'pinch point', reinforcing the CT 200h's low front profile and wide, sporting track.
Its spindle shape emphasised by a dark finish, the contrast between the upper chrome and lower metallic paint trim surrounds further emphasises the more sophisticated, three-dimensional structure of the new grille.

As with every Lexus, the grille is positioned lower than the headlamps to create the resolute look which hallmarks the brand. The headlamps themselves feature new, projector LED lamps with a new, high quality, smoked metallic finish.

Fog lamp housings at the lower bumper extremities have been detailed to match the dark finish of the spindle grille. They feature integral, aerodynamic slits which help smooth the flow of air around the front of the vehicle for improved high speed stability.

In profile, the new Lexus CT 200h may be identified by a choice of newly developed, 10-spoke, 16" and 17" alloys, and a new shark fin-style roof antenna.

To the rear, a new bumper design which is 20 mm lower at the extremities features a more horizontal structure. It incorporates distinctive, L-shaped reflector housings and a black lower centre section to emphasise the vehicle's low centre of gravity and broad rear stance.

The new Lexus CT 200h interior has been refined to offer greater comfort, enhanced levels of equipment and improved visual and tactile quality.

The driver now benefits from a new, 370 mm diameter steering wheel matching that of the IS model range.

The Optitron instrument binnacle is now available with an integral, 4.2" TFT (Thin Film Transistor) screen which may be linked to the multimedia system and controlled via steering wheel-mounted switches. The central meter surround has been accentuated with a bright metal finish.

The central TFT multimedia display screen is now of a thinner, fixed design. The Lexus Media Display and Lexus Premium Navigation systems feature added functions, improved operability, and enhanced hands-free and voice recognition control. The former features a new, centre console-mounted controller.

Added functions include twin port, multi-USB compatibility; a USB-stored photo display function; a mirror link function (LDA); album cover art display; and a cache radio function which records 20 minutes of a programme for replay if missed.

Fully described below, the Remote Touch Interface (RTI) features a more user-friendly push entry control switch, the Lexus Navigation System has been substantially upgraded, and the Lexus audio systems benefit from the adoption of the world's first bamboo loudspeaker technology.

Additional equipment upgrades include the availability of rear view and back guide monitors for the LDA system, as well as Intuitive parking Assist, a Tyre Pressure Warning system and a Traction Control 'Off' switch.

A new Light Control System features Welcome lighting, which illuminates selected exterior and interior lights for 15 seconds when the vehicle is unlocked; a Follow Me Home system which illuminates the headlamps and selected other lighting for between 30 and 120 seconds; and the automatic cut-off of interior lights 20 minutes after the ignition is switched off.

The centre console insert colours and combinations have been revised. A new door panel insert and upholstery design incorporates stitching for added visual quality. A choice of 5 trim finishes now includes Shimamoku wood. And a new, more sophisticated, metal film finish has been added to the centre console controls.