Fiat 500L Trekking, 2014

  •  Fiat 500L Trekking, 2014
The new Fiat 500L Trekking, a free spirit with two perfectly fused souls which love to play off one another every day: one metropolitan, for breezing through the city, and one more adventurous, perfect for those little weekend pleasures that make life worth living.

The all-round character of the new Fiat 500L Trekking is clear at first glance: specially designed bumpers, front and rear protective shield and a high ride (+10% compared to the 500L with a resulting total ground clearance of 145 mm) for tackling rough terrain with ease. The exterior also features a host of style-enhancing details, such as satin finish inserts on bumpers and side mouldings which perfectly complement the door handles.

Free spirit
500L Trekking owners can switch from city streets to more adventurous routes at the press of a button, thanks to Traction+, the innovative control system which ensures excellent performance when tackling snow or slippery surfaces. A freedom of use that meets its match in terms of safety, superlative protection which, in addition to all the most advanced active and passive safety systems, is enhanced by 'City Brake Control', the advanced device that detects the presence of obstacles in front of the car and automatically brakes to prevent collision.

A superlative expression of Italian manufacturing, the Fiat 500L Trekking is a highly functional car, able to "dialogue" with the user and offer quality to appreciate over the years. For example, one of its particular characteristics is the extensive internal volume, achieved by a thorough effort to reduce the size of mechanical parts, through the collaboration of designers and engineers. If the vehicle's architecture generally follows the principles of "cab forward", from which the frontal reduction of the body and bonnet section to achieve more available interior space is derived - especially at the height of the waistline and roof - it is above all the "empathetic" vocation of the 500L Trekking's design that enhances the overall ergonomics of the car. The new model also boasts an extensive view of the outside and the greatest brightness of its category as it has the largest roof of its segment - 1.5 square metres of glass surface - and its windscreen pillars have been cleverly divided and slimmed to offer clear advantages in terms of active and passive safety as well.

Inside, the new high-tech fabric for seat upholstery and trims features eco-leather inserts. You can choose from two distinctive combinations: magnesio grey fabric with leather inserts for a more all-terrain appeal, or black fabric with white inserts for a more urban look. A style that never compromises on functionality, thanks, among other things, to the wraparound glazing and the glazed windscreen pillars which ensure enhanced visibility, in addition to convenient storage compartments for all your essential items. Amongst other things, the 500L Trekking lets you live your passions to the max, thanks also to its superb flexibility: this is obvious in the host of possible seat adjustments, such as the front passenger seat with folding table backrest, or the split rear seats which, thanks to the fold&tumble function, can be folded down flat to provide you with a flat loading surface that exploits the entire length of the car.

The 500L Trekking is available in seven exciting body colours - Cappuccino Beige, Cinema Black, Moda Grey, Gelato White, Toscana Green, Amore Red and the brand-new Sorrento yellow - combined with black or white roof, resulting in a total of 17 colour combinations.

Traction+ system
A key feature of the new Fiat 500L Trekking is Traction+, the innovative control system (fitted as standard) that improves grip on rough, slippery terrain. It also costs less and has lower emissions than a conventional 4×4 drive, proving more efficient in light, everyday off-road use.

The new Traction+ system uses the advanced hardware present on cars equipped with ESC, but is far more than a simple extension of the basic system. The control unit uses special algorithms for controlling and managing the braking system to electronically simulate the behaviour of a self-locking electromechanical differential. Optimised software and the fact that force is applied through the normal (hydraulic) braking circuit makes the system's action more progressive than that of conventional systems. Though performance is easily comparable, the system offers the advantage of being much lighter. This system is operated by a button on the dashboard, and can operate at speeds of up to 30 km/h.

Under conditions of zero or low grip from any drive wheel, the control unit detects drive wheel slippage and commands the hydraulic circuit to apply the brakes to the wheel with least grip, thus transferring drive torque to the wheel on the road surface with the most grip. This makes it easier to handle the vehicle, maintains directional stability and control, and ensures the best possible traction even over very rough terrain with poor grip.

The Fiat 500L Trekking is one of the safest cars in the field of motoring. For guaranteed passenger protection, the new 500L Trekking combines a body designed according to the most modern criteria with active and passive safety features that ensure optimum performance, so much so that it enjoys best-in-class status. Specifically, the new car has a safety cell structure complete with double pillars up front designed in line with current U.S. regulations as far as crash tests and dimensional specifications of the materials used are concerned.

The new 500L Trekking offers 6 airbags as standard (front, window-bags and side bags), front headlights with DRL technology (Daytime Running Lights) and fog lights with the self-adaptive cornering function, in addition to ABS with B.A.S. (Brake Assist System) and the sophisticated ESC (Electronic Stability Control). What's more, on request, the car can be fitted with the new ParkView rear reverse camera. The device offers a wide-angle view of the area immediately behind the vehicle on the screen of the navigation system, thus allowing the driver to reverse with greater peace of mind.

On request, the Fiat 500L Trekking can be fitted with the "City Brake Control" system, which recently won the prestigious 'Euro NCAP Advanced 2013' award.

Designed to help negotiate city traffic and active at speeds of under 30 km/h, the City Brake Control device - depending on certain parameters such as the vehicle dynamics, the steering angle, the position and pressure on the accelerator pedal - can avoid impact completely ("Collision Avoidance") or minimise the consequences of a possible impact ("Collision Mitigation"). In addition, the sophisticated device on the Fiat 500L Trekking incorporates three functions: Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB), Prefill and Brake Assist. AEB, while respecting the driver's wishes and leaving full control of the car in his/her hands, activates emergency braking when impact seems inevitable and the driver has not managed to react, thereby anticipating his/her reaction. The "Prefill" function, on the other hand, prefills the braking system to provide a quicker response both when Automatic Emergency Braking intervenes and if the driver brakes. Brake Assist, last of all, identifies emergency situations and, if collision is imminent, the system becomes more sensitive, lending power to the braking action to permit a reduction in stopping distance.

Engine options
The new Fiat 500L Trekking is available, depending on the market, with the 95 HP 1.4 16v, 105 HP 0.9 TwinAir Turbo and 105 HP 1.6 MultiJet II and 85 HP 1.3 MultiJet II turbo diesel engines (also with Dualogic gearbox). Specifically, a brilliant engine like the new 105 HP 1.6 MultiJet II turbo diesel is needed to propel the 500L Trekking in all driving conditions, in the city and out, securing plenty of fun, remarkable range, low running costs and reduced servicing frequency. With this engine, the new version offers a top speed of 175 km/h, with acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 12 seconds. All this with reduced fuel consumption and emission levels: the data recorded on the type-approval combined cycle were 4.7 litres/100 km and 122 g/km of CO2 respectively.

Excellent performance levels are also guaranteed with the new combination of the 85 HP 1.3 MultiJet with the Dualogic 5-speed robotised gearbox which, compared with the same engine with manual gearbox, improves fuel consumption and emission levels: down from 4.3 l/100 km to 4.2 l/100 km (combined cycle) and from 114 g/km to 109 g/km.

Both Fiat 500L Trekking turbo diesels belong to the second generation of MultiJet engines which offer fuel economy, eco-friendliness and performance levels that are best in class.

Fitted with a small turbocharger - of fixed geometry on the 1.6 and variable on the 1.3 - a variable displacement oil pump and alternator with "smart charge", the two engines feature a new fuel supply system with faster injectors able to execute multiple injections in rapid succession. In particular, the system can now perform a main modulated injection of fuel in several distinct phases and anticipate the ones that follow. The MultiJet II system's servo valve with balanced plunger enables it to manage up to 8 injections per cycle, offering greater speed, flexibility and precision in the various phases of operation. The injector is also simpler and more reliable because its construction is less complex and it has 40% fewer components. This new type of injector paves the way for new strategies focused on optimising the increasingly advanced combustion, such as Injection Rate Shaping, which involves two consecutive injections so close together in time as to generate a continuous and modulated profile of the fuel supply into the cylinders. With this method, the combustion process is improved, all to the benefit of quieter operation and particulate and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions. Today MultiJet II engines totally satisfy the Euro 5 standard and at the same time mark a decisive step toward stricter regulatory levels in the future. Naturally the Start&Stop system is included, while engine and transmission use low viscosity lubricant oil to minimise friction.

The new 500L Trekking offers a wide range of standard and optional equipment, depending on the market. In Italy, for example, the standard equipment comprises: Traction+ system, 6 airbags (front, window bags and side bags), ABS with EBD, front headlights with DRL (Daytime Running Lights), a rain sensor and the ESC system complete with the ASR, Hill Holder, MSR, DST and ERM functions. For the utmost comfort, the following are also included as standard: automatic climate control, front and rear electric windows, steering wheel adjustable in height and depth, Dualdrive electric power steering with City function, height-adjustable driver's seat, central locking and remote control for opening the doors.

Also standard on the Fiat 500L Trekking is a sliding split (40/60) rear seat accommodating 3 passengers that can be closed using the "Fold&Tumble System" function, handy storage compartments on the dashboard and the useful height-adjustable load platform. Lastly, a closer look at three pieces of equipment of considerable interest and value: the new ParkView rear reverse camera, the innovative CD/MP3 UConnect radio with 5" Touchscreen - also with navigator function - and the sophisticated 520-watt Beats Hi-Fi Audio System. Last but not least is a wide range of unique, exclusive accessories that allow you to further personalise your vehicle.

Finally, the 500L Trekking requires that financial products which can adapt to the requirements of every European market are available, among them, '500LWays': this is a series of combinations that guarantee consumers clear access to the product, thanks to limited monthly payments, delayed payment of the first instalment and, last but not least, extended warranty.

Exclusive Mopar® accessories to make your Fiat 500L Trekking more 'moparised'
After creating more than 140 specific accessories for the 500L model - the Fiat Group Automobiles car with the greatest number of accessories available - today the Mopar brand extends its offer with a series of exclusive products dedicated to the Fiat 500L Trekking. Brand-new items that perfectly match the technical and stylistic characteristics of the 500L, permitting the broadest and most complete range of personalisation options. An example is the four new specific sticker kits for body application to make your car even more unique. In the same way, a brand-new satin-finish moulding on the bonnet can be matched with the model's refined chrome elements. There are also new mats with refined finishings and original alloy wheels painted brunex grey.

What's more, the arrival of the Fiat 500L Trekking is accompanied by a new specific merchandising collection which lets you experience the free and typically outdoor spirit of this model to the full. From the many high-quality products, we might mention the high-tech sports-performance watch, the folding outdoor mini-tent, the beach backpack complete with towel and pillow with two built-in speakers, folding picnic basket complete with provisions, binoculars with 20X50 magnification, rainproof travel bag and multifunction folding picnic fridge bag.