Fiat 500L Living, 2014

  •  Fiat 500L Living, 2014

The Fiat 500L Living demonstrates Fiat's ability to design and produce innovative vehicles with maximum space efficiency. It is not by chance that the new model is leader among mid-sized MPVs in terms of the ratio between exterior dimensions and interior space, including both the passenger compartment and the boot. With the addition of the third row of seats, the new vehicle is the most compact '5 + 2-seater' MPV in its category: it is 435 cm long, 178 cm wide and 167 cm high. Despite being 20 cm shorter than a C-segment Station Wagon, the Fiat 500L Living ensures exceptional comfort, space and load capacity. And thanks to its compact dimensions, the new car guarantees handling and practicality in urban driving - parking in tight spots, smooth lane changes, agility on corners and in narrow streets - that make it unique.

The new Fiat 500L Living is the superlative expression of Fiat's characteristic ingenuity in creating vehicles that make everyday life more simple, and a bit more fun as well. The family feel is clear right from the external style, which rejects sharp edges in favour of "rounder" shapes, maintaining the friendly, cheerful look of the Fiat 500. But inside, the new vehicle is full of surprises, guaranteeing exceptional comfort, space and load capacity.

The truth is that the Fiat 500L Living cannot be confined to a traditional segment, as it takes the best of different categories, reinterpreting it to offer all of the following in a single solution: the charm of a 500, the agility and compactness of a mid-sized car, the comfort and content of a C-segment station wagon and the space and versatility of an MPV. These are the components of the new magic formula, which expands both the winning formula of the 500, a style icon offering continuous innovation and premium quality, and that of the 500L, which adds even more functionality to all of the above.

The interior environment is therefore a welcoming place, an extremely pleasant place to be, thanks to the wide range of colour combinations, dedicated solutions and exclusive accessories, such as the 6 interior upholstery options. For each trim level, the customers can choose between two special fabrics: Black/Red or Grey/Black for the Pop Star version, Grey/Grey or Grey/Beige for the Lounge version. Upon request, you can also customise your 500L Living even further, with two elegant leather upholstery options (Grey/Grey or Grey/Beige). Both trim levels come with black fabric seats on the third row.

The passenger compartment is filled with light from the glass roof, which can be operated electrically, and is no less than 1.5 metres squared.

Finally, the new model is also easy to customise on the outside, with a choice of 19 exterior colours, including 11 two-tone options (black or white roof), and 15 different alloy or steel rim options, 16" and 17", for a total of 282 possible combinations.

The Fiat 500L Living boasts top class interior capacity and comfort, as well as offering innovative seating configurations to facilitate the transporting of both passengers and loads. To satisfy the most diverse needs, the new model is available in two configurations: 5 seats (as standard) or 5+2 (on request). In the latter case, the two additional seats can comfortably accommodate two passengers of medium height. What's more, access to the third row is facilitated by the large door surround and the 'one hand' mechanism which permits the seat to be folded down completely.

In the 5-seater configuration, thanks to the modular second row of seats, the luggage compartment has a minimum capacity of 560 litres (seats all back) and a maximum capacity of 638 litres (seats all forward). The Fold&Tumble 2nd row and the passenger seat can also be fully folded down. This means the customer can obtain a flat loading surface for the entire length of the passenger compartment (2.60 metres), for optimum use of the interior space: its volume reaches 1584 litres. And that's not all. With the 'Cargo Magic Space' system, the load platform can also be adjusted on three levels, separating fragile objects from heavy ones, clean objects from dirty ones, bulky objects from small ones. The load compartment is also filled with pockets and hooks, allowing you to transport any object in total safety and tidiness.

In 5+2-seater configuration, the Fiat 500L Living maintains its load capacity of 168 litres, above the segment average.

In total, there are more than 6,000 possible interior space configurations, as well as 22 compartments of different sizes, and the dashboard has been designed to group the instrument panel and main controls of the audio and IT devices into two distinct but adjacent zones. The passenger compartment is a pleasant place to be, as passenger room of 3.89 m3 and some internal dimensions confirm: the maximum width of the front part is 1456 mm (measured at the shoulders) while the height, from seat to roof, is 1034 mm (in the rear zone the measurements are 1387 mm and 993 mm, respectively).

The range of possible seat adjustments also contributes to top-level on board comfort. They can be adjusted on every axis using 8 different modes, starting from the driver's seat which offers, as standard, a longitudinal configuration and reclining backrest, while it can be electrically heated and adjusted both in height and at the lumbar level on request. The front passenger seat is fitted with a fold-down table backrest, offering a handy surface on which to rest everyday objects, such as a bag or a laptop. The rear seat offers the same versatility. It has a 60/40 split folding backrest that can be adjusted longitudinally and separately in 12 positions, with the third central head restraint and armrest offered as optional.

Driving experience
The new 500L Living is a car for moments of relaxation and travel in comfort, in part thanks to the layout of the suspensions - MacPherson at the front, torsion beam at the rear - which have been updated to guarantee the utmost in control and comfort.

The 500L Living can absorb shocks from rough surfaces and limit body movement, as well as boasting excellent lane change response speed. This result has been achieved thanks to the introduction of 'frequency dependent' shock absorbers - specific for the 7-seater version, more subject to the effect of the car's weight - which vary the damping in accordance with operating conditions:
  • high damping in low excitation frequency conditions (pitch, roll) to reduce body motion, enhancing handling and safety;
  • low damping at high frequencies (slight unevenness, rough paving, etc.) to increase suspension filtering and optimise comfort levels.

The front suspension with MacPherson architecture has a new anti-roll bar with extraordinary rolling rigidity made with hollow technology that provides increased performance and at the same time reduced weight. The front crossmember is also designed with high rigidity to achieve greater acoustic comfort and to integrate a third load line to improve energy absorption capacity in the case of collision. One of the innovations is the adoption of a "split" type of shock absorber mounting that transmits the loads to the body through two different routes, for improved filtering of road vibrations, better acoustics and more efficient shock absorption.

The rear suspension features 'torsion beam' architecture with a new, high rolling rigidity design which allows the weight from an anti-roll bar to be eliminated. Hydraulic bushes were also adopted to improve the car's level of comfort. Last but not least, the rear suspension of the Fiat 500L was further lightened in weight by adopting single tube shock absorbers.

The engine options
At launch, the Fiat 500L Living will be available with one petrol engine - the 105 HP 0.9 TwinAir Turbo - as well as two turbodiesels: the 105 HP 1.6 MultiJet II and the 85 HP 1.3 MultiJet II, the latter also with Dualogic robotised automatic transmission. Each with their own different qualities, all exploited to the full in combination with the 6 or 5-speed manual gearboxes of the petrol and diesel engines, respectively.

These will feature the new 105 HP 1.6 MultiJet, which ensures a fun drive, high range, low running costs and longer service intervals. Equipped in this way, the new version reaches a top speed of 180 km/h and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 12.2seconds. All this with reduced fuel consumption and emission levels: the data recorded on the type-approval combined cycle were 4.5 litres/100 km and 117 g/km of CO2 respectively. Aerodynamics that set the standard for the segment - CX of 0.30 - contribute to a reduction in consumption and emissions. This was achieved through close attention to the form and configuration of the car as a whole.

Fitted with a small turbocharger of fixed geometry, a variable displacement oil pump and alternator with "smart charge", the 105 HP 1.6 MultiJet on the Fiat 500L Living is part of the second generation of MultiJet engines which ensure category topping economy, ecology and performance. The secret of its performance lies in the new fuel supply system with faster injectors able to execute multiple injections in rapid succession. Specifically, the MultiJet II system's servo valve technology with balanced plunger enables it to manage up to 8 injections per cycle, offering greater speed, flexibility and precision in the various phases of operation.

The injector is also simpler and more reliable because its construction is less complex and it has 40% fewer components. This new type of injector paves the way for new strategies focused on optimising the increasingly advanced combustion, such as Injection Rate Shaping, which involves two consecutive injections so close together in time as to generate a continuous and modulated profile of the fuel supply into the cylinders. With this method, the combustion process is improved, all to the benefit of quieter operation and particulate and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions. Today MultiJet II engines totally satisfy the Euro 5 standard and at the same time mark a decisive step toward stricter regulatory levels in the future. Naturally the Start&Stop system is included, while engine and transmission use low viscosity lubricant oil to minimise friction.

From autumn 2013, the Fiat 500L Living will be equipped with the innovative 0.9 TwinAir Turbo dual fuel methane engine, which recently won the title of 'Best Green Engine of the Year 2013', one of the twelve categories which make up the 'International Engine of the Year Awards'. Already available on the Panda and 500L models, the new 'two cylinder' combines the ecological advantages of methane with the power and driving fun of TwinAir Turbo technology. This is demonstrated by the maximum power of 80 HP (59 kW) at 5500 rpm, and maximum torque of 140 Nm at just 2500 rpm. All of this with reduced emissions and fuel consumption: the recorded values are 105 g/km of CO2 and 14.2 kg of methane respectively every 100 km (combined cycle).

For over 15 years, the Fiat Group has been the leading European original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for methane-fuelled vehicles, the one which offers the widest eco-friendly range with bi-fuel supply (methane/petrol), which accommodates the needs of a broad clientèle, including goods transport professionals: from 1997 to date, Fiat has sold over 560,000 Natural Power cars and commercial vehicles.

Lastly, mention must be made of the fact that the methane range has certainly contributed significantly to the records acknowledged in the latest research by JATO Dynamics, world leader in automotive consultancy and research. Indeed, in 2012, for the sixth year running, Fiat proved to be the brand which recorded the lowest level of CO2 emissions in Europe among the best-selling automotive brands, with an average value of 119.8 g/km. And that's not all. Over the last 5 years, Fiat has reduced its average emissions by 13%, which is significantly lower than the target of 130 g/km set out by the European Union for 2015.

Range (Italian market)
The Fiat 500L Living is available in two trim levels - Pop Star and Lounge - in 5 or 7 seater configurations (optional). On the outside, the Pop Star version is characterised by an elegant chrome trim, body coloured mirror fairings and 16" hub caps. Inside, in addition to the body coloured dashboard, the Pop Star version offers the most requested standard content in its category: manual climate control, Uconnect radio, cruise control, remote central locking and leather steering wheel and gear knob. For enhanced onboard safety, the vehicle comes with some of the finest technology available today: 6 airbags, ESP, ESR and Hill Holder.

For the more discerning customer in terms of comfort and technology, the top of the range Lounge version adds: dual-zone automatic climate control, fog lights, chamois ecoleather dashboard, 16" alloy rims, body coloured rear-view mirror fairings, dusk and rain sensor, electric rear windows and privacy windows. On top of all of that, available for this version only, the Loft Pack, which includes leather seats, ParkView rear reversing camera, rear parking sensors and 5" touchscreen radio with Uconnect NAV.

FGA Capital has conceived made-to-measure financing for the Fiat 500L for families with children. The various financing solutions include '500L Family', an offer dedicated to one of the major reference targets, where the financial benefit increases as the number of children increases, resulting in a particularly attractive interest rate for customers. Moreover, the characteristic element of this instalment plan is the saving on the total interest paid, according to the number of children, with the additional benefit of including extended warranty.