Skoda Yeti, 2014

  •  Skoda Yeti, 2014

Striking appearance - now in two variations
A special highlight is the first time offer of two individual design ranges: Skoda's Compact SUV is now available in an elegant, stylish city look as well as an off-road look for trips in the country. A significant differentiation: the front and rear elements, such as bumpers, underride guard, side mouldings and door sills are either in the body colour or, as with the Skoda Yeti Outdoor, remain in black plastic. This off-road Skoda Yeti has series-standard silver exterior mirrors.

The Skoda Yeti incorporates the new Skoda design language. The front and rear sections have been prominently reinterpreted and the criteria of the new product language have clearly emerged: precise edges and lines with an emphasis on the horizontal and the new vehicle logo.

The new fronts of both vehicles are now horizontally more accentuated and feature a distinctive grille and redesigned headlights, available as an option for the first time with bi-xenon headlights with integrated LED daytime running lights. In keeping with Skoda's new design language, the front headlights are now rectangular and are now located further under the front bumpers.

The Skoda Yeti's new rear has got a new layout. A new form of tailgate with distinctive tail lights now in a precisely moulded C-Design, optionally available with LEDs, and, in line with the new Skoda look, two cubist triangular elements alongside the new Skoda logo.

The wheel program has been expanded with four newly designed, attractive alloy wheel designs. There is now a wider selection of colours available, including four new metallic finishes - 'Moon-White', 'Jungle-Green', 'Metal-Grey' and 'Magnetic-Brown'. The latter is a Yeti L&K exclusive.

The new Yeti models have got an all-new fresh interior - with new 3-spoke steering wheels in seven variations, new fabrics and patterns for the seat covers as well as new decorative trims on the dashboard.

For the first time ever, the Czech compact-SUV will be available in two variants: as the elegant and stylish Skoda Yeti for the town, and an adventurous off-road Skoda Yeti Outdoor. Both design variations of the Skoda Yeti feature a new front and rear, new alloy wheels, fresh interiors, new "Simply Clever" ideas, the highest functionality and extended engine/gear combinations. Both new models are to be unveiled at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show and by the end of 2013, both Skoda Yeti variants will have been launched on the first markets.

The first Skoda with rear-view camera
The Skoda Yeti is the brand's first model with an optional Optical Parking Assistant; a rear-view camera. Thus Skoda continues in their use of practical and safety-related assistance systems.

The first time that the Skoda Yeti will feature the latest generation of the automatic parking assistant. The new system enables the Yeti to automatically reverse and parallel park and even pull out. The new Skoda Yeti features the automatic lock and start system 'KESSY' for the first time. This system allows the car to be opened, locked and started automatically, without the key having to go into the ignition.

Spacious and functional: "Simply Clever" on the road
The revised Skoda Yeti has also received four new "Simply Clever" fittings. The double-sided floor covering in the boot is new in the Yeti but already a hit in various other Skoda models. There is also a detachable LED light in the boot, the vest holder under the driver's seat and the waste container in the side door of the Yeti.

In addition to the new features, the updated Skoda Yeti offers some familiar comfort features. These include the huge panoramic glass sunroof, the modern dual-zone air conditioning 'Climatronic', heated seats, cruise control, a heated windscreen and the power-adjustable driver's seat.

One highlight is, and remains, the Skoda Yeti's VarioFlex rear seat system, offering unique interior versatility. The three rear seats can be individually folded or removed. The outer seats can be shifted across or down with the middle seat removed. In an instant, the Yeti is transformed from a five to a four seater, making more space for the rear passengers.

There are also the carried-over fittings, such as the fold-down passenger seat, folding tables on the backs of the front seats, various storage compartments and practical bottle holders. Functionality is a top priority in the boot, featuring among other things, fastening points and fold-down hooks.

Generous space is once again confirmed in the Yeti. In no other compact SUV do the rear passengers have as much headroom as in the Skoda Yeti - 1027 millimetres. The boot capacity is at least 405 litres. Pushing the rear seats forward will increase the size to 510 litres and removing the rear seats completely will increase the volume to a fantastic 1,760 litres.

Seven modern engines; front and all-wheel drive, manual transmission and DSG

There is a selection of four diesel and three petrol engines for the all-new Skoda Yeti - all turbocharged and with direct injection. The performance spectrum ranges from the 1.2 TSI with 77 kW and 105 hp to the 2.0 TDI with 125 kW/170 hp. The fifth generation front or all-wheel drive with Haldex coupling is fitted depending on the engine specs. With an automatic transmission, the Skoda Yeti exclusively uses the modern six or seven-speed dual clutch transmission (DSG).

The GreenLine version 1.6 TDI/77kW, front wheel drive and a manual gearbox, produces CO2 emissions of just 119 g/km. That corresponds to a consumption of 4.6 litres of diesel per 100 km (61 MPG). Additionally, there are three Green tec engine variants: the 2.0 TDI/103 kW with manual six-speed gearbox, and 1.6 TDI/77 kW with seven-speed DSG. The front-wheel drive 1.4 TSI/90 kW petrol engine with manual transmission is available exclusively in the fuel-efficient Green tec variant. The Green tec package includes the Start-Stop System, brake energy recovery (recuperation) and low rolling resistance tyres.

The diesel engine 2.0 TDI with 125 kW is now available with the fantastic combination of all-wheel drive and automatic six-speed dual clutch transmission. The front-wheel drive Yeti 1.6 TDI 77 kW is available with automatic seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.

Safety without compromise
The Skoda Yeti is uncompromised in terms of safety, for which the compact SUV received the maximum 5-star rating in the 2009 Euro NCAP Crashtest.

Active safety is increased through ESC (Electronic Stability Control) and ABS (Anti-lock Breaking System) with Break Assist, which are fitted as standard in EU countries. The front fog lights can be optionally equipped with Corner Function. New bi-xenon headlights with LED daytime running lights increase the visibility of the vehicle and the illumination of the road in the dark. Upon request, there are electronic assistants for up and down hill driving. Other options include the electronic tyre pressure monitoring system.

With electronically controlled all-wheel drive (fifth generation Haldex coupling), and a ground clearance of 180 mm, the compact SUV is ready for any terrain. The electronic differential lock EDS enables a smooth and comfortable start and grip on various road surfaces.

In terms of passive safety, the Skoda Yeti boasts up to nine airbags. Isofix points securely fasten child seats. Three-point seat belts in the front with belt tensioners and height adjustment and height-adjustable headrests complete the safety package.